Online Cangzhou Qunying Kung Fu Competition

Cangzhou Qunying Kung Fu Competition

Since so many of us are locked down and we are unable to participate in activities with others of similar interests, the Cangzhou Qunying Wushu Group has decided to organize an online competition for all who practice Traditional Kung Fu.

You are invited to send in a video of yourself (your neighbour, your partner, your friend) to take part in this competition. You can join two categories, 1 hand form and 1 weapon form.

Please keep your forms to a maximum of 1 minute. You can play your form anywhere you want to, be it indoors or out. Show us where you are spending your time and how you manage to perform your forms in small spaces.

video requirements

It’s necessary to list credits, the video should contain your nationality, full name and the name of the style. Keep it short.

“Please NO USING OLD FILMS!. Before you start playing your form please mention the date and then start your form. If we don’t hear you mentioning the date right before you play we will not enter your film.”

Format: MP4, 1080p25

The file name: “name + style”

Submit It is important to list the name of the school and the coaches in an email as follows:

School name, coach profile (max. 50 words), Description of the style (max 50 words). Send your video and text to (or via WeTransfer)

Deadline: before 15 May 2020

Online voting: 21-27 May 2020


The conference has three awards: gold award, silver award, bronze award


Cangzhou Qunying International Wushu Organisation

Cangzhou Martial Arts association

Cangzhou Qunying Europe